$5,000 Dollar Bill: Know Your Money

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Quick! Think of the largest denomination bill out there! I bet you pictured a $100 bill or maybe even the uncommon $500 bill, but what If I told you there’s actually a $5,000 bill out there?

Sounds crazy? Well, yeah, just imagine the horror of losing one of these! It can’t be real, or can it? Keep reading to find out more about this incredibly rare bill.

Are $5,000 Dollar Bills Real?

Yes, as real as anything you can touch. $5,000 bills still exist and they continue to be considered legal tender. They’re extremely rare though, I’m talking only a couple of hundred notes which were able to escape destruction.

This means a $5,000 dollar bill is super valuable, so if you’ve managed to find one, hold on to it tight!

How Many Series of the $5,000 Dollar Bill are there?

Once upon a time, there were 9 series of the $5,000 bill, but now, most of them are redeemed and can no longer be dealt with. This leaves us with only two series available for sale: the 1928 and 1934 series.


The 1928 $5,000 bills feature a portrait of Founding Father and 4th President of the United States, James Madison.

On the backside of the blue seal version, there’s an interesting image of the 1st U.S. President George Washington where he’s resigning his commission as commander-in-chief of the Continental Army.

On the other hand, the green seal bill features the statement “Five Thousand Dollars” on its backside, just keeping it simple.


The $5,000 Federal Reserve Note of 1934 looks pretty much identical to the 1928 series design, same president and all. The difference is that the 1934 $5,000 notes are the more common out of the two, yet still awfully rare and valuable.

How Much are $5,000 Dollar Bills Worth?

As we previously mentioned, $5,000 bills are seriously rare. The 1934 series had around 51,000 notes printed before its shut down in 1945. Out of the already low number, only 100 $5,000 dollar bills are still in existence and haven’t been redeemed.

As for the 1928 $5,000 notes, they’re even less in number, with under a dozen bills known to still exist. This gives it a higher value than the 1934 version.

Generally, any $5,000 is remarkably valuable. A heavy circulated 1934 $5,000 bill can be sold for a hefty $30,000 regardless of the poor condition. A $5,000 bill found in uncirculated condition could very well worth a six-figure price.

Where Can You Get a $5,000 Dollar Bill?

The major issue with $5,000 dollar bills is their rarity, which will take you some effort to find someone who’s willing to sell.

Obviously, you won’t be landing such a bill at a local pawn shop, they’re almost exclusive to auctions or through professional dealers.

Wrap Up

As you can probably tell by now, finding a $5,000 dollar bill is as close to hitting jackpot as you can get! I mean with such a note, you’re guaranteed at least $30,000! Talk about lucky!

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