$10K Invested At The Market Peak Before the Great Recession Would Be Worth How Much Now?

Investing in the stock market makes many people nervous or worried about losing their money.  The Great Recession amplified these feelings.  But if you can get over the emotional side of money, would your money grow faster? Money drives strong emotional responses from most people. And those emotions run even stronger when losing money comes…

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No Excuses Investing

When it comes to investing, there are many reasons that people don’t ever get started or don’t invest on a regular basis.  401k accounts work for a lot of people for regular retirement investing because once you sign up, it becomes automatic.  That’s great for your retirement investing, but a 401k shouldn’t be your only…

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Investing – Keep It Simple for 10% Returns

Investing for many people is a big unknown, with many questions that seem too hard to answer.  And for others, they may make a few investments in individual stocks and see a solid return and start getting overconfident in their investing ability, and start making some bad investments, or try and time the market, or…

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